Press Release


Some people sing songs-Wyler Delray lives the songs he signs. This Central Illinois native writes and performs songs about real life. His lastest offering” A Face In The Crowd” takes the listener on a musical journey filled with the hard truths of life, mixed with wit, and humor.

Delray has an uncanny ability to write about various subject matters. For example his song “Payin Dues” deals with life in a traveling band. “It Kinda Makes you Glad ” take a light-hearted look at losing a wife. “Than Love Should Have To Pay” deals with domestic violence, while “Just For Being You” is a tounge-in-cheek humorous love song. “Outlaws” is a historic look back on the Outlaw movement, and the evolution of country music in the later 1970’s-early 1980’s. We could go on-but you get the idea.

The music of Wyler Delray is The Real Deal and only available on Ho-Made Records!

A Face In The Crowd is currently avaliable on streaming and retail outlets worldwide.